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AFI offers affordable funeral insurance cover to individuals, groups and communities/villagers.
We are based in Limpopo and Gauteng.

Ever escalating funeral costs have become burdensome for working class individuals and families. Traditionally, families and communities rally around each other during times of death and bereavement. Unfortunately, the costs of conducting funerals take more than the ‘helping hands’ of caring families and neighborhoods. African traditions are such that the financial burden of funerals starts as soon as death occurs and end days or even weeks after the funeral. Refreshments and catering is required for relatives who often camp at the bereaved family and well wishers who visit the bereaved family almost daily to bring messages of support and prayers during the build up to the funeral and there is rarely provision made for these incidental costs.

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Affordable Funeral Investments (Pty) Ltd is a Licensed Financial Services Provider (FSP no. 45608) and is underwritten by Safrican Insurance Company Limited (SAFRICAN) FSP no. 15123. Where there is a discrepancy between any wording in this website and the wording in the Policy document, the wording in Policy document will take precedence and be applied.


AFI was established to ease the financial burden of individuals and families.

While most individuals and families usually join burial societies to cover burial costs, the fact that most burial societies pay in kind (pay by rendering burial services, and not in cash), means that they do not provide for incidental funeral costs such as refreshments and catering. AFI closes this gap and provides cover for incidental funeral costs such as refreshments and catering